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    Getting very High current consumption in tcp_client_powersave application


      Hello Support,


      I am evaluating the cypress CYW943907AEVAL1F module. And I am using the SDK version I am using this SDK because of the discussion happened on the case Not getting the mentioned power numbers for CYW943907AEVAL1F .

      When I use the example from the SDK and configure the macro TCP_CLIENT_INTERVAL(used for keeping the sleep interval) and measure a power with a  multimeter, I am getting around ~(60-70) mA current consumption. I think the module is not going to complete power save. I eve tried to use wiced_wifi_enable_powersave() instead of wiced_wifi_enable_powersave_with_throughput() but did not see any significant change in current numbers.


      I am measuring the current(across IVBAT+IVDDIO) with modification done on the module given in the discussion Low Power Current Measurements Using CYW943907AEVAL1F .


      I have taken the wireless capture and also took the numbers on DC analyzer. As per the wireless capture, the module is sending QoS null with power save bit enabled after TCP data transfer and connection is done(to be precise every 10 seconds as I configured in the macro TCP_CLIENT_INTERVAL). But in the analyzer logs,  I am not able to see the same behavior. Please find the attached snapshot for analyzer log and wireless capture also FYR.


      Can anyone please tell me what am I missing here? Do I need to do some more changes in the application? I am attaching the application and snapshots (of the setup) for reference.

      Thanks in advance,