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    Occur an abort when erasing and writing TCFLASH of S6J334EJ


      We have a Bootloader SW based on S6J328CLSM which works perfect. Now we try to create a Bootloader by another project which used S6J334EJ based on it .And we are facing some problems about erase and program of TCFALSH as below:


      1. It is no problem to erase address 0x01A00000 to 0x01BFFFFF, but when execute the erase sector command sequence at 0x01C00000, it occurs an abort (Program Counter halts at the address 0xFFFF000C);


      2.Now we only use first 2M of TCFLASH, after erase successful at 0x01A00000 to 0x01BFFFFF(2M), we start programming at address 0x01A00000 using 32Bit Program command, but occurs a bus error when execute at 0x01A00008,and the bit UCEDINT of FUCEDIR reg is 1, and next it will cuase an abort (Program Counter halts at the address 0xFFFF000C);


      Is there something that I am missing? Thank you all in advance.