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    What is the best way to support a Broadcom 4339 on a Technexion IMX7 PicoSOM in late 2018?

      Our group is developing a product based on the Technexion IMX7 PicoSOM.    This System on Module has a Broadcom 4339 wireless chip which we need to access.  The brcmfmac driver doesn't work with the 4339 on our device right now but the old bcmdhd driver does.  Is bcmdhd still being maintained, is using it in new development reasonable, and if so, who does one need to talk to in order to get it?  Also, what is the recommended channel for getting brcmfmac fixed for the 4339 on the IMX7?  I've started by raising the question on the Linux wifi mailing lists.


      Thanks in Advance,

      Cameron Kellough