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    Re: MQTT Opening Connection Failed (con't)


      Hello KyHa_1271961 LaRa_1486086 RiCa_296421 and jobac_1391566


      I'm a Future employee based out of Europe.


      As a follow on to this thread: MQTT Opening Connection Failed


      Right now I'm working with a project. In this Project I'm trying to connect 2 Nebula boards with each other,

      using MQTT and when I click BUTTON1 on Board 1, the LED on Board 2 will turn on, and vice versa.

      In the code I use the function:








      I have only an error with WICED_BUTTON1, which is: THE SYMBOL WICED_GPIO_55 could not be resolved.

      I used NEB1DX_01 Platform, which I saw that the variables WICED_BUTTON1 and WICED_GPIO_55 are already defined

      . So is this a Problem with the WICED program, or what should I do to link the variable to the platform?