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    CYBT-423028 Symbol could not be resovled


      I'm using CYBT-423028-EVAL-01.

      I installed the SDK following the instructions in the package (refer to KBA223637). The WICED studio still have problem resolving symbols. I have both CYBLE920719Q40EVB-01 and CYBT-423028-EVAL-01. It seems the system can not decide which one to use when I compile. The .h files looks very


      here's how wiced_platform.h looks like from the first directory:


      here's how wiced_platform.h looks like from the second directory.


      Except the line number is different, everything else looks the same. From previous posts, it may seem like this isn't an issue for other people. I can't say it's the same for me.


      Any idea on how to tell the compiler to use which .h file? otherwise, i'll just have to use GPIO_EN_INT_BOTH_EDGE.

      interrupt configs seem to work, but PLATFORM_GPIO_0 through PLATFORM_GPIO_15 are problematic.