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    One input to control TWO Outputs with timer


      Hello all ,

      i have a custom PCB with PSOC4 on it ,

      i have 1 input pin controlled by a switch (switchPIN),

      i have 2 outputs pins (resetPin , onoff_Pin),

      i need to implement the following logic :

      starting state is switchPIN=1 in that case turn on onoff_Pin-->1,

      if someone turn the switch off switchPIN=0 and 6 sec is passed then turn off onoff_Pin-->0,

      but if someone turn the switch off switchPIN=0

      and BEFORE 6 sec is passed he turns on the switch switchPIN=1

      then send reset pulse (resetPin =1 wait 100ms then resetPin =0).

      this simple logic is driving me crazy, i have tried using 2 timers with isr on

      the switchPIN (one is 6 sec timer , and one is a fast timer),

      i just can figured out a way to do it .

      can someone direct me to a simple solution to this problem ????


      I have attached a flow chart of what i want to achive .

      Thanks in advanced.