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    programming solution for Cypress S6J335

      Dear Cypress support team,


      our company have project where the S6J335EKS device is used. We have developed our own test board with mentioned MCU. We have prepared the board for possible communication via JTAG or UART interface(or we can implement some temporary communication interface if mentioned two interfaces are not enough). We are looking for some JTAG programmer, but we can't find any solution. The Cypress Traveo MCU serial programmer don't support S6J335EKS device, thus we would like to ask you, how we can program the mentioned device. This time, the commonnly used Segger J-link device and software don't support S6J335EKS device. We prefer the programming over JTAG interface...


      Thank you for your answer.

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          1. For Serial FLash MCU Programmer (via UART), please kindly get in touch with your Cypress contact window (generally Cypress FAE/FSE or distributors) to get latest version which can support S6J335E.


          2. For Jtag programming, it's possible to program S6J335 MCU in IDE like IAR (I-Jet) and GHS (via Green Hills Probe).


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          Amy Wang