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    FW upgrade help



      I need help with firmware uprgade on WICED device.
      I use SDK 3.2.1.
      My app + resources (web pages) and all other WICED components have 886kB of FLASH. See in annex.


      I need upgrade FW in device, but OTA loader fails.... Why?

      Or is there another solution how upgrade FW? (for example some UART loader)


      Thanks for help!

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          OTA depends on the board your have. More information is needed: What is the board you are using? does it have an external serial flash? did you add the download_apps target in your make command?




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            My board is BCM943362WCD4. This board have 1Meg of external flash.
            I tryed both possibilities, with download_apps (download to external serial flash) and without.
            Is possible download app bigger then 500kB? When I try download snip.scan all works OK...

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              Based on the image you attached your application flash size is 865K. if you try to put this application as a factory reset app in the external serial flash, it will take almost all size of the external serial flash with no extra space for APP0.


              A minimum external flash file system will have a factory reset application, DCT and APP0. I don't think all of this would fit in your external flash.




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                Is there any solution of this? I can`t change external flash.
                Can I discard FR app and leave only APP0 + DCT?

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                  That can be a bit risky in production. If you do so, you loose your factory reset option. This is your backup plan in case updates go wrong. May be to mitigate this risk you can add a CRC for you APP0, so when the new application is sent and written to flash, you make sure the CRC is correct (i.e. Basically means that APP0 is written correctly to serial flash) before writing it to internal flash.


                  Another option to try (will work if you have a lot of resources), is move your read only resources in to the read only resource file system in the external flash. This will make your application smaller, and may be can then take the application and factory reset application. have a look Patch to put firmware on external flash