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    Failed to write DCT

      I can't modify DCT by application.

      Programming DCT by WICED IDE successes.

      But wiced_dct_write() returns WICED_ERROR.


      For example, the result of snip.dct_read_write is like below.


      Modifying MAC address in Wi-Fi Config Section

      Original mac_address:  02:0A:F7:38:DD:D4

      Modified mac_address:  02:0A:F7:38:DD:D4


      Modifying string_var in App Section

      Original string_var: The DCT says hi!

      Modified string_var: The DCT says hi!



      wiced_network_up() also outputs following error.


      Failed to write ap list to DCT:


      AP information is not stored to DCT and then it can't connect the AP again.

      This is letting me stop development.


      It happens on two boards now.

      And other boards work well with same application.

      Does anybody know something about this?



      Board: BCM943362WCD4_EVB

      SDK: 3.1.2

      OS: ThreadX

      Network: NetXDuo

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          The snip app of dct_read_write (...\apps\snip\dct_read_write)  demonstrates to update the MAC address and more. Please check the sample application for reference.


          16:07:45.768: ----------------------------------------------------------------


          16:07:45.768: Wi-Fi Config Section

          16:07:45.768:     device_configured               : 0

          16:07:45.768:     stored_ap_list[0]  (SSID)       : YOUR_AP_SSID

          16:07:45.784:     stored_ap_list[0]  (Passphrase) : YOUR_AP_PASSPHRASE

          16:07:45.784:     soft_ap_settings   (SSID)       : WICED Device

          16:07:45.784:     soft_ap_settings   (Passphrase) : WICED_PASSPHRASE

          16:07:45.799:     config_ap_settings (SSID)       : WICED Config

          16:07:45.799:     config_ap_settings (Passphrase) : 12345678

          16:07:45.799:     country_code                    : AU0

          16:07:45.799:     DCT mac_address                 : 02:0A:F7:F7:97:2C


          16:07:45.815: ----------------------------------------------------------------


          16:07:45.815: Application Section

          16:07:45.815:     uint8_var               : 99

          16:07:45.815:     uint32_var              : 99999999

          16:07:45.830:     string_var              : The DCT says hi!



          16:07:45.830: ----------------------------------------------------------------


          16:07:45.830: Modifying MAC address in Wi-Fi Config Section

          16:07:45.862: Original mac_address:  02:0A:F7:F7:97:2C

          16:07:45.862: Modified mac_address:  00:12:FE:ED:BE:AD



          16:07:46.127: ----------------------------------------------------------------


          16:07:46.127: Modifying string_var in App Section

          16:07:46.142: Original string_var: The DCT says hi!

          16:07:46.142: Modified string_var: I've been modified!



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            I did the sample application; snip.dct_read_write.

            And it doesn't work on some boards as reported.

            Do you have any idea about this?

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              I have the same error,do you work out it?

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                Try following command first!


                "./tools/OpenOCD/Win32/openocd-all-brcm-libftdi" -f ./tools/OpenOCD/BCM9WCD1EVAL1.cfg -f ./tools/OpenOCD/stm32f2x.cfg -f ./tools/OpenOCD/stm32f2x-flash-app.cfg -c "flash erase_sector 0 0 11" -c shutdown

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                  thanks for your reply!

                       the problem has been work out .






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