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    BCM20736 recovery from wrong hex file programming

      Hi all,

      I loaded the .ota.hex file instead of .hex file by mistake into two BCM20736S modules and I'm no more able to program them.

      I used chipload.exe from command line and SDK 2.1.1.


      I have some question about this:


      1) Is there any way to recover modules?


      2) I guess there's a different addressing into two hex files, what's exactly the differece?


      3) It's normal that modules doesn't work with ota.hex files if not loaded via OTAFU. Why does modules are no more programmable?

      I was thinking that only user application resides in external flash, while stack and BOOT is in CPU flash. If all the logics that handles programming is not into potentially corruptable area, why this logics does not work now?


      Thank you