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    webserver with slow external flash and large content (not stable)

      Hello Guys,


      What could you suggest in a situation like this?


      I have a dev board with a slow external SPI flash (BCM9WCD1EVAL1). I keep webcontent on the ext flash. Some of the webcontent files are quite large, about 150KB. I can see that normally it takes about >4 sec to load a front page (to receive all the needed files).


      I have a problem such that the connection to the webserver is not stable. If I try and access the webserver from another instance of a web browser (PC, smartphone, tablet) the front page can load and show BUT most of the time it does not (also nothing from WPRINT_ENABLE_WEBSERVER_DEBUG)


      I reckon the connection times out due to slow extenal Flash and large files.


      Please advise, what shall I adjust in the configuration (TCP, HTTP, etc) in order improve the situation.


      So far I have tried to increase PACKET_POOL_SIZE but without a noticeable result:



      #define HTTP_SERVER_STACK_SIZE (14000)



      I would be grateful for any help on this.