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    Soft Reset Issue with Our production Board



      In SDK 3.1.2  I can use the function  wiced_framework_reboot() to perform a soft-reset of the processor on the Inventek EVB ISM43362_M3G_L44. But I can't perform a soft-reset of the processor on our production board. The wiced_framework_reboot() is a wrapper. It calls the NVIC_SystemReset(void) below

      __STATIC_INLINE void NVIC_SystemReset(void)


          __DSB();                                                     /* Ensure all outstanding memory accesses included

                                                                        buffered write are completed before reset */

        SCB->AIRCR  = ((0x5FA << SCB_AIRCR_VECTKEY_Pos)      |

                       (SCB->AIRCR & SCB_AIRCR_PRIGROUP_Msk) |

                       SCB_AIRCR_SYSRESETREQ_Msk);                   /* Keep priority group unchanged */

        __DSB();                                                     /* Ensure completion of memory access */

        while(1);                                                    /* wait until reset */



      SCB->AIRCR( Application Interrupt and Reset Control Register) is always set/write to the same value 100270852  for both Inventek EVB and production board. But our production can't reboot and is stuck in  while(1) above. I suspect something is wrong with hardware. Any clue for this issue?