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    sampling ADC


      I am looking for ADC sampling code based on  timer driven interrupt.

      platform:  BCM943362WCD4


      Problem : sample ADC at 10 or 100 microsecond intervals. I wanted to program the timer to interrupt at every 10us.

      ISR routine to sample the ADC and send the data to terminal.

      Where do I find sample codes for ISR and how to setup the ISR.



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          Looks like you are looking for ADC streaming sample code. It is not supported on WICED at this time.


          You can setup a timer, ADC and DMA to collect ADC data at 10K or 100K sample rate and send collected data in chunks to terminal. For that, WICED brings in STM32F2xxx header and source library code and you can find them in .../WICED/platform/MCU/STM32F2xx/peripherals/libraries.



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