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    BCM20732S deep sleep power consumption



      I have been trying to optimize the power consumption of my application on our custom board.

      Most of the time application is in deep sleep and is waken-up by sensor interrupt.

      However, I'm not able to get close to 0.65uA deep sleep current. I have measured 11 uA current at 3 V.

      (I removed all the peripheral chips from the board and the potential pull-ups/downs that could allow current go through)


      I also have done testing on the Wiced board (BCM920732TAG_Q32) by using hello world application as a base.

      The current consumption I measured is 20 uA at 3V. SW 4 switches in down position, SW3 up and SW2 down.

      (the regulator and FTDI not powered.)


      What is the expected current consumption of this board in deep sleep?


      The modified hello world application ->




           bleapp_set_cfg((UINT8 *)hello_sensor_gatt_database,


                         (void *)&hello_sensor_cfg,

                         (void *)&hello_sensor_puart_cfg,

                         (void *)&hello_sensor_gpio_cfg,




      void hello_sensor_create(void)







      In the hello_sensor_gpio_cfg configuration all gpios are set to -1.

      SDK version is 1.1.0.


      It would be interesting to know what kind of currents people have measured on the Wiced board.

      Am I missing something in the code?


      Thanks in advance,