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    WICED CPU utilization measurements




      What is the recommended method to measure WICED (STM CPU) CPU performance? I'm thinking of creating a lowest priority thread and calculate NOP execution count per seconds and calculate the % usage base on platform running at XXX Mhz... However, its just an idea but I cannot be sure how do such calculation or executing in details... did anyone done this before?

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          Hi Aaron,


          There is a demo snippet in the latest SDK.

          You can check the "thread_monitor" folder to see if it suffices your needs.



          The link to the latest SDK is here


          Let us know if you need more information.


          Best Regards,


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            Hi AB,


            Thanks but not really what i was looking, the sample demonstrate the use of app thread watch dog. Instead, i needed something to calculate the overall CPU usage of my application which can contain many threads and taking into account WICED SDK usage as well. I'm pretty sure it can be done by creating a performance measurement thread that calculate the "free" time according to CPU clock, etc...