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    WAF on external flash

      Hi guys,


      I need your help.


      There has been a discussion as to putting web content onto external flash:

      Keep web content (.html, .js) on external flash in a filesystem


      What this solution does is it builds filesystem.bin (with all the content in resources folder) and writes that onto external flash at address 0 (sector 0).


      In my case I would like to have WAF on external flash that will have FR_APP, FR_DCT, FILESYSTEM_IMAGE, WIFI_FIRMWARE and APP0.


      Basically, I now need to place:

      filesystem.bin -> FILESYSTEM_IMAGE

      a copy of main app -> FR_APP,

      a copy of DCT -> FR_DCT,

      wifi driver -> WIFI_FIRMWARE,


      Please help. Any ideas, examples?


      Best wishes,