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    Dynamically change connection interval on WICED Sense



      I have an application for which the power consumption is very important. I would like to send less frequent data if the sensors are not moving, and send more frequent data if the sensors are moving with the user.


      I see that the connection intervals are set in the wiced_sense_connection_up() function through calling bleprofile_SendConnParamUpdateReq(). Is it allowed to call the same function to adjust the connection interval later on after the connection is up? If not, how would you achieve the dynamic nature of this feature?


      I appreciate your help in advance,



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          Hello Bardia,


          Your application can be designed to send less frequent data from the sensors.


          1.  For instance, if an accelerometer has a threshold that you set of minimal changes in its XYZ parameters it might be used to ONLY send data when motion is occurring - Same for an Gyro or Magnetometer that each have XYZ parameters.

          2.  Remember that the WICED Sense Kit was never designed to as an evaluation board.


          Dynamic nature of the connection interval:

          1.  Only a request from the slave to the master to change the connection parameters is allowed.

          2.  Only a Master can change these parameters.

          3.  Hence you can't change the bleprofile_SendConnParamUpdateReq() dynamically - But let me check with the developers.


          Hope this helps you in the right direction.




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            The app can call bleprofile_SendConnParamUpdateReq() to request any connection interval it desires, but the master may or may not accept this request (and so change or not). In general, most masters (Windows, Android, iOS) will accept the new connection interval as long as it does not affect other connections (like say an audio stream).