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    SoftAp crashing when a Windows8.1 client connects.


      I have noticed that my WICED SoftAP crashes anytime a Windows8.1 connects to the SoftAp.

      I am using the snip.apsta code unmodified. After reset the WICED module connects to the local

      infrastructure and starts pinging on this interface. The SoftAP is started and starts the dns redirector and http server.


      I have connect many different tablets, phones, and pc's without any problem, except for

      pc's with Win8 or Win8.1. When the Win8.1 pc connects it seems to get an IP address

      and indicates it is connected. Once connected, the TCP/IP stack seems to crash on the

      WICED module(pinging stops) and the only way to re-connect is to do a reset on the WICED module.


      I have some wireshark captures and they show a a UDP packet on port  2054 – weblogin

      There is a “GET / HTTP/1.0” command that is responded with a 301 response.

      Finally, there is a UDP  Name Query to port 137


      Has anyone come up against this ?

      What is the fix ?



      Roger Kelly


      Starting WICED v3.0.1

      Platform NUMBAT

      WLAN Firmware    : wl0: Sep 18 2013 10:12:55 version FWID 01-2046ff2b