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    Low Power Normally Closed Switch

      Hi All,


      Our product has a switch and it spends most of its life in the CLOSED position.  When the switch is OPENED, we use an interrupt to WAKE UP from DEEP SLEEP/HIDOFF, use some debounce logic, and do some processing/advertising.  Once the CAP is CLOSED and any CONNECTIONS are also CLOSED, we put the CAP back into DEEP SLEEP.

      If in the CLOSED position, we use a high pull-up with a 10k resistor, we would be consuming 300uAh while the switch is CLOSED.   Does anyone have any schematics and associated firmware code for a low power consumption normally CLOSED switch that will interrupt on WAKEUP and then consume low power once it is again CLOSED?  I've seen examples on other chips using GPIO to GPIO switches, but cannot find a Broadcom example.