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    Using random address from 'blecm_set_static_random_bd_addr'




        This is the question following Changing BD_ADDR from the application

        Regarding to victorz's description here

      You shall not change device bdaddr on every reboot.


        I don't see the same expression from the BT spec as below, which is cited from section 10.8.1 of Part C. of Volume 3.

      A device may choose to initialize its static address to a new value after each

      power cycle. A device shall not change its static address value once initialized

      until the device is power cycled.

      Note: If the static address of a device is changed then the address stored in

      peer devices will not be valid and the ability to reconnect using the old address

      will be lost.


        So, if we need to change the BD address in every reboot, then what would be the limit of write cycle to EEPROM that storing the BD_ADDRESS, in case that we need to write it to '0xFFFFFFFFFFFF' before calling 'blecm_set_static_random_bd_addr'?