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    JTAG (J-Link) not working when programming first time?




      I'm having a "problem" with my j-link and the WICED IDE. When I reconnect my board after it has been powered down, my j-link seems to be able to program the MCU, but when the j-link resets the MCU and the program should start running, nothing happens.


      To fix this, I found a work-around in flashing it with some demo code from ST using the onboard st-link/v2. When a program has been successfully flashed, I am now able to flash using the j-link and programs now runs when the j-link resets the target at the end.


      I'm working with a STM32F429 connected to a SN8000 module with a jlink connected to the STM32 MCU. Currently running WICED SDK 3.1.2.


      Does anybody knows why this happens?