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    smart sense: BCM20737



      There are two UART ports available on BCM20737. Is it possible to configure either of the ports for host interface?



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          Yes, the peripheral uart (PUART) is provided for this purpose.  The HCI UART is for programming only.


          Hardware User Guide (SDK 2.x and TAG3 Board)


          The puart_control application inside of the SDK provides an example of how to interface to the PUART using a windows peer application.


          Unfortunately, we do not provide any MCU drivers, and very limited support for interfacing to external MCUs using the PUART, but many users here on the forum have figured this out and can provide assistance.

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            Hi, Thanks for the reply.


            Below is the application block diagram which is broad picture of the system. JTAG portion could be breakable after development is over or could be eliminated in the production. My question is, whether, I can program A20737 (it is a module based on BCM20737) through WiFi (it is also a module based on BCM43362)? Also can I use same interface for debugging as well (setting break point)? Any alternate suggestion could be useful.





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              I would like add some more information.


              Initially I will be relying on Broadcom's SDK.

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                You will need to program the device for the first time (such as is done in production) over the HCI UART.  Any subsequent updates can be applied through the peripheral UART (PUART). There are many threads on the forum that discuss this very important subject.  The Hardware User Guide (SDK 2.x and TAG3 Board) also discusses the appropriate use of both UARTs.


                So once you determine that you are fine updating firmware over the PUART, take a look at the uart_firmware_upgrade within the WICED Smart SDK. I'm not certain if anyone has tested programming the 20737 using the UART on the 43362, but if the UART is standard, it should work.


                The debug interfaces of the two devices are completely different and breakpoints and JTAG are not supported on the 2073X family.


                Note that there are two SDKs, one each for WICED Smart and WICED Wi-Fi.