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    Raspberry pi with Wiced devices

      Is there software support for connecting Wiced devices to raspberry pi? Can anyone point out to any documentation available?

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          Since WICED modules contain a CPU and all the SW needed it is its own embedded system. What would the RPI do in your scenario? Where would TCP/IP stack reside? Why do you need two hosts? Your question is a good one, but we don't see the use case? 

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            It would be a case, where the system has to run third party software such as SQL databases or other hardware hungry tasks, which would not run on a RTOS but would require a more "complex" OS...


            how would would it be in this case? Would it be a problem regarding the TCP/IP Stack ?

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              This is the use case for BT + Raspberry PI use:

              (a) Set up a BT piconet, such that 7 BT slaves send data every second to a BT master device

              (b) Data collection goes on for a full day, week or something else

              (c) Master device uses Linux-based data analysis tool that has been installed on Raspberry PI


              So, we need raspberry PI because it is Linux based.



              (1) Does Broadcom have a  BT device that can be used as a pass-through (just a BT  RF/protocol device) to pass the data into Raspberry PI?

              (2) If not, could one use BRCM Wiced Smart for this purpose

                (2.1) What would be the interface and protocol between BRCM BT device and Raspberry PI?


              Any comments/alternative suggestions are welcome.


              Thanks, Zoran

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                Yes, this is a classic Broadcom "radio only" model where the Broadcom drivers for the radio run on the Linux Host.

                This can be achieved with a very inexpensive Broadcom based USB BT dongle or WiFi dongle.  It is equivalent to plugging a dongle into a laptop at this point. Does this clear things up?