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    BCM2073x: GPIO to indicate radio activity


      We are looking for a way to control the state of a GPIO depending on the radio activity so that we can control the bypass pin of our DC/DC converter for power consumption optimisation.

      The DC/DC converter we are using has a really bad efficiency in low load condition. So we would like to only turn the DC/DC converter off while the radio is active. This is a similar use case when trying to connect an external booster chip to the BCM which should only be active while the TX part of the radio is active.

      We know that there is a callback mechanism with bleprofile_notifyAdvPacketTransmissions() so that we get called before and after an advertisement packet is sent. Inside this callback we could turn the bypass pin of our DC/DC converter on and off to optimise the power consumption during advertisement state. But we have not found a way to do the same while we are in connected state.

      Other BLE chips (like the TI CC2540) do have this functionality. What about the BCM2073x?