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    How can the BCM20737 be flashed?

      Hi everyone,


      how can I flash the BCM20737 Controller on the Development Kit?

      In the moment I have to reprogram it over and over again when I remove the USB-plug and put it in again...

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          Not sure I understand the question.


          The Broadcom development kit for the BCM20737 contains a BLE device with external NVRAM (EEPROM is what's used on the board, but others have figured out how to get the SFLASH to work as well).


          You program/flash the device using either the SDK or a series of command line tools we provide.


          It is not possible to program the NVRAM directly as their is a propritary programming protocol used for this purpose and ONLY available within the SDK or the associated command line tools.


          All of this is discussed here: Re: BCM20737S flashing process

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            If you are struggling to get the device to go back into 'programming mode' from 'application mode', follow the steps in the The specified item was not found. as it will step you through the jumper settings and process needed to move between these modes.