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    Interfacing WICED Sense Kit from a Hybrid App



      As an FYI -- I have published an article on IBM developerWorks on how to interface the WICED sense kit to a hybrid application (basically, it's JavaScript).  The hybrid application runs on a smart device (e.g. smart phone or tablet with BLE support) and uses a JavaScript library that interfaces BLE along with my library to interface the WICED Sense Kit.


      The article goes on to integrate messages from the WICED Sense gyro sensors (what I used as a "wearable" in this article) into the IoT Foundation Cloud (which you can do too!)


      Link: Build your own wearable with IBM IoT Foundation and IBM Bluemix


      Source code included in the article. So anyone that wants to read sensors from the WICED Sense Kit from JavaScript, this should get you started.


      Cheers,  Mike