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    BCM4390 hardware features




      I have a few questions about the BCM4390 hardware platform:

      1. Are there any limitations on how I can combine the UART1/2/3/4 and SPI1/SPI2 peripherals? The general information as well as the datasheet I have (under NDA) describes those as discrete hardware blocks but the sources in the SDK makes me believe that UART1/SPI1 share PTU1, and UART2/SPI2 share PTU2. Can the UART and SPI functionalities still operate independently?
      2. It seems like UART4 is only available when the Wifi subsystem is powered up. Is this correct? I also suspect that trying to operate UART4 before booting the wifi subsystem makes the wifi subsystem prone to crash when initialized later.
      3. Is it possible to disable JTAG debugging and/or otherwise secure the device from readout/alternation?


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