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    Support FreeRTOS-LwIP in SDK 3.1.2?

      Hi all,


      We are working on BCM943341WCD1 EVB. The SDK 3.1.2 seems not supporting FreeRTOS-LwIP yet because the sta_ip_handle and ap_ip_handle are not initialized in wiced_network.c. Besides, there is compile errors due to conflicted declaration of wiced_ip_handle. You can see part of codes are moved from NetX and need to rewrite for LwIP.

      NX_IP* wiced_ip_handle[ 3 ] =
      /* Network objects */
      struct netif        wiced_ip_handle[3];


      We would like to know is there any available patch for FreeRTOS-LwIP?


      PS: The same application built for ThreadX-NetX runs well.