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    BCM20732S to BCM20736S migration problem

      Hi all,

      I have a problem migrating a project from BCM20732S to BCM20736S.

      We worked until now with 732 module mounted on a custom board (see image, note that # means not mounted)



      System worked perfectly, but I discovered that this chip is no more supported by SDK, so I decided passing to 736 module.


      I verified that pinout is the same, so I simply mounted new module instead that old one.

      I installed new WICED 2.1.1 SDK and, connecting to P501 I programmed the hello_sensor example in with BCM20736 configuration.

      Programming is successful.

      Opening a terminal window and resetting the board I see following stamps:




      Initialization function has been called, then I see no other debug stamsp, even if in hello_sensor() there should be timer stamps.

      Then I can't find device using a BLE client.



      -same HW configuration, working on BCM20732S

      -using WICED 2.1.1 SDK

      -compiling and programming successfully hello_sensor example

      -I see only call to hello_sensor_create(), then no other action, and device is not discoverable.


      I hope you can help me.


      Thank you