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    Searching problem in Wiced SDK 3.1.2



      I am using the WICED_SDK_3.1.2 and the Inventek module  ISM43362_M3G_L44 which uses the STM32F205 processor. After I create a project, I right click on WICED_BUTTON1 (in  platform_check_factory_reset() of platform.c in WICED-SDK-3.1.2\WICED-SDK\platforms\ISM43362_M3G_L44) and say "Open declaration", it takes me to platform.h in WICED-SDK\platforms\BCM94390WCD2  I would think it should take me to platform.h in WICED-SDK\platforms\ISM43362_M3G_L44.


      Is this a IDE Eclipse searching bug? This will affect the project build?



      Thanks in advance