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    BCM20736E and PUART Flow Control Discussion...Yes on SoC, No on SIP Module


      This is a continuation of the discussion here that began as comments on a document: http://community.broadcom.com/inbox?objectType=-1805099612&objectID=1001&filter=notifications&et=actionqueue.item.new#ob…


      In reference to the conversation surrounding the BCM20736E (SIP module version with no internal antenna or regulatory), userc_15053 states: "Ok, thanks. We have knowledge and experience in antenna design, so my interest is mainly on the module itself. For now I will more in detail look into the BCM20736s data sheet and use pin 10 for the external antenna. What I noticed in BCM20736s data sheet is that it's unclear which pins are used for puart rts and cts, I think there may be a typo on which pin is used for rts"


      Unfortunately, P1 (Referenced int he HW interfaces document) is tied internally to the WP function of the internal EEPROM, so flow control is not available on the module. A while back we had to remove this from the datasheet as discussed in this thread: Re: BCM20732S UART RTS pin

      So essentially, PUART RTS/CTS is not available on the SIP module, but it is available on QFN SoC package: CYW20737 SOC Data Sheet


      This is discussed in much greater detail within the following two threads (thank you mkim)


      Need clarification on PUART RTS/CTS flow control support

      PUART RTS/CTS Hardware Flow Control


      Since you need flow control and have no intentions of using the built-in antenna/existing regulatory the SIP module offers, the SoC may be a better path for you anyway.


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