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    Recommendation on use of NOVERIFY in production


      I have noticed that when using the SDK 2.x to load firmware onto a 20736, chipload is passed the options:




      As I understand this, this means it does a CRC check on something (not sure what) but does not do a full readback to verify the load.

      What are the recommended options for use in a production / factory environment?


      It seems like doing the full verification would be more conservative but slower.

      However perhaps the CRC is generally adequate.


      How does the CRC process work?  Does the chip compute the CRC after reading the data back out of EEPROM?

      If that's the case, it seems like CRC would be sufficient. 

      If the CRC was only checking what was received over UART then I might prefer verify instead, so that the actual data on EEPROM is checked.