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    OTA from SDK 2.1 to SDK 2.2 - is this possible?


      I have some number of fielded units running code generated with SDK 2.1.1, and I would like to consider upgrading them to SDK 2.2.

      I have been able to build my application using SDK 2.2 and load it via UART, and it seems to work fine.


      However, when I tried upgrading an SDK 2.1.1 over the air to the SDK 2.2 image, it repeatedly reboots.


      Is it possible to do this type of upgrade?


      One thing I observed that has changed in SDK 2.2 is that the "compressed CGS" image format that was introduced in SDK 2.1 appears to have been turned off again.  It occurred to me that this could be a reason why the OTA does not work.  (There could also be other reasons as well).  Is there any way to re-enable compressed CGS?


      In the Makefile for SDK 2.2, it appears that compression is disabled if "DIRECT_LOAD" is not set.


      If OTA is not possible this way, then there is no practical way for us to upgrade our fielded units to this new version.