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    Does Broadcom license allow to use ThreadX/NetX in a commercial product ?

      Hi WICED community,


      I'm new in the WICED world and I have a non-technical question.


      I have started WICED evaluation on a sn8205 evk+ demo board and I discovered that WICED supports two rtos/stack couple (freertos/lwip and threadx/netx).


      I have somes problems when I'm using the appliance demo with freertos/lwip when scanning for AP in the configuration mode. The webpage (scan_page_outer.html) does not reply on my smartphone (a wiko ozzy based on android 4.2.2). With ThreadX/Netx, there is no problem, the discovered APs are displayed.


      So my question is to know if the ThreadX/NetX broadcom license is only for evaluation or if I can use them in a commercial product ?


      Thanks for your reply,

      Best regards