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    Use CY8C4014SXI-420 as  a CapSense solution for two touch bottoms.


      I'm looking for a CapSense solution for two touch bottoms, and I'm considering CY8C4014SXI-420. I want to know how to create the firmware to suit my requirement? As the simplest use, I need the CapSense IC to sense two finger touch and indicate a status through two I/O port.But I never used CYPRESS's PSoC4 family IC before, so it's a bit difficult for me. I read many PDF on CYPRESS website and I did't found a PDF that meets my requirement well until now. Besides,I found it's not easy to use PSoC Creator for a new user. Based above, may I ask you help me build the project and create firmware for my project?


      Besides, can I program the target device through by J-LINK(in keil) but not MiniProg3/KitProg/Kit(in PSoC Creator)?


      Thank you so much!