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    When to use wlan power save in an application


      Hello Support,


      I want to use the module CYW43907AEVAL1F in the power save mode with WLAN connection and TCP transfer going on. And I want the lowest power possible.

      I went through the API guide and go to know that to use the API wiced_wifi_enable_powersave(); we need to make sure the below thing:



      : An accurate 32kHz clock reference must be connected to the WLAN sleep clock input pin while the WLAN chip

      is in power save mode! Failure to meet this requirement will result in poor WLAN performance The sleep clock

      reference is typically configured in the file: <WICED-SDK>/include/platforms/<PLATFORM_NAME>/platform.h


      And also I need to use wiced_platform_mcu_enable_powersave() for enabling in MCU.


      But I did not find the information in the above-given file. Can you please tell me how to confirm the clock reference to WLAN from the host. Here in CYW43907AEVAL1F module both host MCU and WLAN chips are from the cypress only I guess. I am attaching the API reference guide  that I followed.