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    CY8CKIT-059 supporting multiple I2C traffic


      Hi All,


      I'm working with a CY8CKIT-059 and I'm hung up on a I2C question that I'm hoping someone smarter than me can answer.


      My basic design is pretty simple, using an I2C element I'm sending formatted text to an OLED display (1" EBAY device) with the usual informational messages an application would be sending to such a display.


      Having accomplshed that, I'm now ready to move on to doing some data taking, but to do that I'll need to get some precise timestamps by communicating with a second I2C device, a DS3231AS based mini-board (also of Ebay origins).


      My question is this - can I talk to this board using the same I2C bus as the OLED Device or do I need to set up another I2C element with a separate SDA/SCL pair?


      I might add here that I eventually wish also to add a third SD card I2C-based device to do data logging to, but one step at a time.


      I'm using PSOC Creator 4.2.