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    How to implement web-server and talk to SPI peripherals at the same time? (which IDE to use?)

      I am working on a university project to poll an electric meter over ZigBee to obtain consumption data at a more frequent interval than current systems allow. The goal is to present usage data to a consumer in as close to “real time” as possible. The project is somewhat split into two parts – one part which involves obtaining the data from the meter over radio and the other which involves providing access to the data on a webpage. I was planning to use the CY8CKIT-062-WiFi-BT board for the project. For the ZigBee connection with the meter, I have a 915MHz transceiver that communicates with the board over SPI.


      Is it possible to set up a web-server using the board's WiFi module in PSoC Creator, or can this only be done in WICED Studio? It seems to me that it is definitely possible to configure the SPI in either IDE, but both need to be done at the same time.


      If it is possible to set up in PSoC creator, are there any examples of this? I was able to run the CE222494 PSoC 6 WICED WiFi Demo already, but that is in WICED Studio.


      I was also hoping to do the ZigBee communication part on one core and the WiFi part on the other core, but I read in one community post that the CM0+ is put to sleep when using WICED. Is that true, or is it possible to use both?