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    PSoC 6 - Fixed Stack OTA Example


      I would like to do a fixed stack OTA upgrade on a PSoC 6. I found AN97060 which explains about fixed stack OTA on PSoC 4. Digging around, I also found example projects on PSoC creator 4.2  (BLE_OTA_FixedStack_Bootloader) that does the same on a PSoC 4.


      But, PSoC 6 examples only contains CE216767 (separate stack for bootloader and appklication) and upgradable stack projects. I couldnt locate any starter code for Fixed Stack OTA for PSoC 6 where the application and the bootloader shares the same BLE component. Is it possible to do Fixed Stack OTA on PSoC 6, if so, is there any starter code that I could utilize.


      Thank You.