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    CYBT-343026: XRES Pull-up resister value / GPIO when unused





      Could you tell me internal pull-up resistor value inside CYBT-343026 on XRES pint?


      <Back Ground>

      -XRES has internal pull-up according to the datasheet

      -My customer would like to drive XRES pin from external CPU.

      -They has a plan to put pull-down resistor on this pin in order to sense low during power-up sequence.

      (External host has a time that this pin will be set "Un-Specified")

      -In order to decide resistor value of pull-down, we need to know resistor value of internal pull-up inside CYBT-343026.



      If GPIO (0/3/4/6/7) , P4 and P24 pins are not used, can we leave these pins floating(OPEN)?


      Thank you.