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    Im trying to use the ota2 update feature and I can't update using the webform


      This is my cyw943907aeval1f board.


      I have gone through the documentation and have everything working for ota2 except the webform upload.  The webform reaches the end of the upload and the progress bar keeps going up without stopping and the device never reboots and extracts the firmware.  The terminal shows it reaches the end as well but it never reboots and updates after the transfer.


      I have the ota2_example as the factory firmware.  I can restore it holding sw 1 for 10 seconds.  I can boot into softap mode holding sw 1 for 5 seconds. I built snip.scan to be the file I am trying to upload.


      here is what I am builiding



      snip.ota2_example-CYW943907AEVAL1F ota2_factory_download download download_apps run

      snip.scan-CYW943907AEVAL1F ota2_image


      I included wifi_config_dct in scan and added the following to scan.mk


      #OTA SoftAp application

      OTA_APPLICATION := snip.ota2_extract-$(PLATFORM)

      OTA_APP    := build/$(OTA_APPLICATION)/binary/$(OTA_APPLICATION).stripped.elf

      # Use the local dct file instead of default from ../include

      WIFI_CONFIG_DCT_H  := wifi_config_dct.h


      Any ideas why the web page upload doesn't work?