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    Maximum BLE throughput for reliable data transfer

      Per this thread here: Re: Maximum BLE throughput for reliable data transfer


      Is there some other way to configure the number of transmit buffers?  I'd be perfectly happy to configure it at build time, if that's possible.


      If I print the result of blecm_getAvailableTxBuffers() from my app create function, I get 15.  Sometimes the app sends a burst of notifications, and even though I always check that blecm_getAvailableTxBuffers() returns non-zero before I send a notification, I sometimes get log messages that "lel2cap Fail to allocate buffer".  I'm guessing that this is due to a buffer not being available for something else the stack is trying to do, but I don't really know.


      I'd like to be able to queue up 17 notifications for transmission, as I have a block of data of about that size to send. This obviously isn't going to work when there are only 15 transmit buffers, hence my desire to increase the number of transmit buffers.


      Aside from that, perhaps I should only queue up notifications when blecm_getAvailableTxBuffers() is greater than 1, so that one buffer is left over for other things?