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    FX3 bulk transfer unreliable on Windows 10


      I have a project that works very reliable on Win7 computers, but when I use it on Win10 machines the success of grabbing frames drops to 50%. What is strange is that sometimes the rate of successfully transferring frames will change from as bad as 10% to up to 75%. But on the Win7 machine its 100-99% successful. I have updated to the most recent drivers and still see the same issue. I have began to look into the code, but instinct makes me think it could be the OS or maybe a hardware problem. Another note is that I have tried all 4 USB3.0 ports on that Win10 machine and produce the same bad results. Computer specs are i7-4790 @ 3.60GHz 64 bit.

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          Please confirm if you are using Cypress provided host applications or is it your custom tool. Kindly, test it out using the Streamer application and mention the throughput.


          EDIT: Latest generation processors drive the core into low power based on CPU load thereby interrupting USB transfers. To avoid this, use a dummy code in your application to keep the processor alive. This will prevent the CPU entering into low power C states and thereby not affecting the USB transfers.


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