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    Enabling C++ for PSoC projects

      in 11 easy steps


      Modern C++ language offers developers much more high-level front-end only abstractions then C does.

      Unfortunately, PSoC Creator, (as of version 4.2) does not support C++, despite the underlying GGC Toolchain (arm-none-eabi-gcc-5.4) has C++ support at descent level.

      PSoC Creator has an option for migrating to Eclipse CDT IDE, however, migrated projects has no C++ support either

      This post explains how to enable C++ for PSoC projects, imported in Eclipse CDT IDE.


      Preconditions: you have a project created in PSoC Creator 4.2, and it is in buildable state

      Step 1:Export your project to IDE Eclipse

      Step 2:Download and install Eclipse CDT

      Step 3:Navigate to PSoC Creator IDE page select tab Downloads and download PSoC Creator Eclipse Import

      Step 4:Start Eclipse and create a new workspace. The workspace directory must be different from the PSoC Creator workspace directory

      Step 5:Install PSoC Creator Eclipse Import plugin

      Step 6:Import project to Eclipse CDT

      Intermediate results: PSoC Creator project imported in Eclipse, and it has C/C++ nature
      However it fails to link, because linker's settings were not imported. Next steps fixes this problem

      Step 7:Start another Eclipse and create another, temporary workspace, different from the used on previous steps

      Step 8:Import PSoC project to this Eclipse instance too, but use C Managed Build instead

      Step 9:Copy linker settings from C Managed Build project to C++ Managed Build project

      Step 10:Copy linker settings from C Managed Build project to C++ Managed Build project

      Step 11:Clean and rebuild project


      More elaborated version with the screen shots is available on this link.