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    printing to screen




      I am using PSoC4 L Series Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-046) and I am wondering if there is a way for me connect a terminal window(TerraTerm, PuTTY, ...) to the device and print something out to a screen to ease debugging process.  I cannot find good instructions on how to do it.  Is it even possible?  Please Help!




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          Attached is my simple trial for CY8CKIT-046.

          But as I don't have CY8CKIT-046, I could not test it, but at least it compiles.

          Please let me know if this works for your board.


          Note: I use only '\n' for new line as I like the Unix way and I set TeraTerm's

          Menu Setup > Terminal setup > New-Line > Receive : AUTO.

          If you like Wintel way (having CR+LF) please change and add \r after \n. ("\n" -> "\n\r")