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    CYW20707 mbt tool issue



      I'm a hardware RF engineer.

      I'm now developing a sensor module using CYW20707 chipset.

      There is a separated MCU in module. (STMicro MCU)

      The flash memory is connected to the STMicro MCU. And the HCI of CYW20707 chipset is connected to the MCU.

      In this case, I was able to use the mbt tool for RF test and see that the communication was done well.

      But the TX power was output in unintended channel.

      For example, I typed the command as below.


      mbt set_tx_frequency_arm 1 2402 1 2 3


      If so, the power should be output in 2402 MHz.

      But the power was output in 2550 MHz... So it's very strange.

      How can I solve this issue ?

      Is it required to download any firmware ?


      If you could answer my question, I'll appreciate.

      Thanks. Have a good day !

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          As the 20707 (HCI controller, stack hosted externally) is not supported in the Broad Market and here on the community, which partner module are you using that leverages the 20707? If none used with this external host controller device, factory support will need to be setup through your local Cypress sales/distribution channel.


          Note that the 20706 is the same device, but with the stack hosted internally (Embedded Mode).  The 20706 is a broad market device and supported here on the community.