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    Hello_sensor OTA


      Hello all. I am using cypress 20719-B1 bluetooth development kit and wiced 6.1 SDK. I am using thhe hellosensor example from the sdk. Now I want to flash this hellosensor bin file from the android app. To do this what I have to do please suggest.

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          Please have a look at example ota_firmware_upgrade (/20719-B0_Bluetooth/apps/snip/ota_firmware_upgrade).

          Refer WICED-Secure-Over-the-Air-Firmware-Upgrade.pdf and  WICED-Firmware-Upgrade-Library.pdf from the doc folder.


          Please refer the example and integrate the OTA functionality to your hello sensor example for downloading the new application image from android.



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            Hi Anjana,


            Thank you so much for your reply. Now it is working.



            Best Regards,

            Rawootray Patil.