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    snip.wps_registrar for usage with Windows PCs

      If you want to use Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 with the default WLAN connection mechanisms, windows does not detect that WPS is available. Out of that reason a WPS connect is not possible. This is the normal case on all Laptops or Tablets with WLAN build in, that use Microsoft operating system.

      The necessary flag(s) [WPS available].. is/are not send by the registrar example.

      Does anybody know, how to change the registrar example getting the [WPS avaliable] send?

      Annotation: [WPS_PBC] ... are different flags.


      One more question to the same topic is: Has anybody a documentation about the vendor specific flags:

      /* 802.11 Mgmt Packet flags */

      #define VNDR_IE_BEACON_FLAG 0x1

      #define VNDR_IE_PRBRSP_FLAG 0x2

      #define VNDR_IE_ASSOCRSP_FLAG   0x4

      #define VNDR_IE_AUTHRSP_FLAG    0x8

      #define VNDR_IE_PRBREQ_FLAG 0x10

      #define VNDR_IE_ASSOCREQ_FLAG   0x20

      #define VNDR_IE_CUSTOM_FLAG 0x100 /* allow custom IE id */

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          This is actually a problem with Windows WPS implementations, which use the WPS external registrar handshake to do WPS discovery. Wiced does not support being configured by an external registrar so the configuration methods attribute in probe responses is set to zero, as per the WPS 2.0 specification.


          Attached patch that adds a flag to the WPS device details which allows the SoftAP registrar to advertise in the configuration methods attribute in probe responses. This change works for Windows 7 and has been tested with a ThreadX NetX Duo build. Attached patch is not tested with a Windows 8.


          A fix for a ThreadX priority problem is also included and is required with the WPS fix or the WPS handshake won't complete after being restarted, ThreadX Patch for WICED SDK-3.1.x


          For wiced_dct_read_lock(...) in ...\apps\snip\wps_enrollee application update following:

            wiced_dct_read_lock( (void**) &softap_info, WICED_FALSE, DCT_WIFI_CONFIG_SECTION, OFFSETOF(platform_dct_wifi_config_t, soft_ap_settings), sizeof(wiced_config_soft_ap_t) );


          The effect of the change is that Windows should now automatically proceed with WPS push button mode.



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            Dear Mr. Sehan,


            thank you for the response. As far as i understood and tested the above approach, there exists no real solution how to handle WPS with Win8.1 and Win7.

            There is quite a different behavior between both of them. Win7 is the more difficult theme as already mentioned above; but until now the more interesting one until the market penetration does not change.


            To sum it up, there exists no solution to this topic ==> so far not successfully answered.



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              The zip that was previously uploaded didn't include all the patches. This one has the updated security libraries as well as the priority related patch.