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    CY8C3866PVI-021 mini prog3 dev board - wont program


      Hello, I recently purchased the CY8C3866PVI-021 and am having trouble getting it programmed. I have the miniprog3 programmer and I made a little developer board for the chip in eagle using the recommended circuit on the datasheet, but every time I try and program the chip I get a yellow triangle that shows up next to the chip after it is identified and I receive the following error on attempted programming "Error "Unable to acquire target device PSoC 3 CY8C3866PV*-021: Unable to read memory, Debug Enable is not set. Click Port Acquire to reset the chip and enable debug." was received while trying to change the selected target." I believe this to be some sort of communication issue. I previously had this chip on an SMD to DIP adapter and wired on a breadboard and I was able to get passed this error, but it erred once it started programming it missed an ACK bit and failed to program. The reason I made this board was because I suspected a communication issue, so I put all the recommended capacitance's and minimal trace distances, but now I'm stuck on the first error I had and cant even get to the programming part. What am I doing wrong here?