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    Different clock path for Clk_Peri and Clk_Slow




      I need my Clk_Peri to be at 19.2 MHz, thus I've selected 96 MHz for Clk_HF0 and a divider of 5 for Clk_Peri. However, I now can't get my BLE Write Requests.


      For example, using CySmart, I write a string to a service of my device. I get the CY_BLE_EVT_GATTS_WRITE_REQ event, in which I copy the string to a circular buffer. I can see that the buffer has the string. However, when I exit Cy_BLE_ProcessEvents(), the buffer is now empty (the data is still in the buffer, but the circular buffer's variables are reset to zero). Here's the typedef of a circular buffer:


      typedef struct {

         uint8_t *buffer;  /* Pointer to the static array */

         size_t readIdx;   /* Index of the next byte to read */

         size_t writeIdx;  /* Index of the next byte to write */

         size_t capacity;  /* Capacity of the buffer */

         size_t count;     /* Number of bytes currently in the buffer */

      } CircularBuffer_t


      So when I get the Write Request, writeIdx = 10 and count = 10. When I exit Cy_BLE_ProcessEvents(), both are now back to zero. I did not get this behavior when Clk_Slow was at 50 MHz (100 MHz / 2). As the code is all on the CM0+, I suspect that the problem comes from the fact that Clk_Slow, which controls the CM0+, is now at 19.2 MHz. Is there a way to change the Clk_Slow path to not be derived from Clk_Peri in the "Configure System Clocks" window?